Start your Learning Fun-A-Thon this June and 

be what you've always wanted to be!

An unforgettable Funcation that you don't want to miss!

From canvas to stage to screen, empower your child's creative self expression through our workshops. 

Be guided by a professional artist and coaches from an established production house.

Let your child discover his talent and let his talent be discovered!


Discover and be discovered!

"The Science of Today is the Technology of Tomorrow." ~ Edward Teller

The world has become more tech and innovation dependent. STEM education is now a must to equip your child with skills for the next new economy. Hone their investigative, analytical and problem-solving abilities - skills that will get them far in the 21st century.

Ensure your child's readiness for our SMART NATION today!


The Future of Stem Education


On your mark, get set, READ!

See your child be a super reader in 5 days. Join our intensive Phonics for your child to begin reading independently and be motivated to read more!

Hanyu Pinyin made easy. Your child will master accurate pronunciation through specially-crafted oral practices and interactive games.

Master 800 Chinese words with our unique Little Scholars Chinese Pictogram. Free E-flash cards to practice anywhere, anytime!

Get your child P1 ready now!

Phonics Chinese Hanyupinyin

Experience the power of the written word.

Learn to blog or write compelling narratives advocating change.

Choose write and publish a food blog OR pen a compelling letter to the Straits Times Forum to advocate for nature conservation. 

Whichever you choose, your writing skills will be honed and polished to score maximum marks for both Situational and Continuous Writing.


Publish your Work. In print. Online.

KRTC Simei 2018 June PSLE Workshops

Do you know how many days there are left till the PSLE?

Only 120 days

120 days until the single most important exam in primary school. 

Is your child well-prepared? For English, Math, Science, Chinese?

Help them gear up with our PSLE POWER UP classes. 

We'll get them ready for PSLE.


Power the final stretch.

Pick a course.

Start your Learning Fun-A-Thon today!

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