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Engineering Camp for Kids (7-11 years old)

In this June Holiday, we are offering a 3-day camp designed for the “Junior Engineers”.

Engineers are problem solvers. They’re people who design things that make our lives better, easier, and more fun!

We are looking for “Bright” candidates who are able to help us engineer solutions to the some of the problems we find at KRTC Simei.

The camp consists of 4 main segments:

  1. Game Engineering
    Mind Reading

    The Junior Engineer will work with our renowned Mathemagician to create a mind-reading game that will wow your audience away!

  2. Food Engineering
    Editable Terrarium

    After exploring the science of Terrarium Water Cycle, the Junior Engineers will create an editable terrarium for all plant lovers!
  3. Package Engineering
    To the Rescue!

    Be the HERO! The Junior Engineers will save the stranded by designing aid drop packages full of food and fresh water.

  4. Material Engineering
    Bubble Bonanza

    The Junior Engineers will explore how bubbles behave and investigate the properties of different materials as they engineer all kinds of bubble wands. The class wraps up with a Bubble Bonanza Showcase where kids demonstrate their creations.


Who are the Bright students?

If you are one with great responsibilities, inquiring mind, cheerful, keen on continual learning, never say die, highly motivational, fun-loving, we want YOU! You will stand a chance to win $50 cash too!

Limited Vacancies. First-come first served!


☎️ Call us at 6789 0440 for more details.

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