KRTC Simei


Backed by a solid track record and qualified teachers, KRTC Simei takes a page out of the books of Kent Ridge Education Hub, a leading education chain in Singapore since 1988.

We started operations at our current premise in 2003, at the peak of the SARS epidemic. Despite going through many challenges, we have pulled through to guide and mentor thousands of students to success.

This was achieved with great programmes, a solid curriculum and infrastructure and dedicated teachers who are well-qualified to unlock the potential in each student.


Who We Are

Since our inception in 2003, we have been guided by the proven methods of Kent Ridge Education Hub (Singapore’s leading education chain) in bringing out the utmost of our students’ potential.

From the peak of the SARS epidemic more than a decade ago to the educational journey of thousands of our students, we have never ceased in aspiring to be an academic mentor in every textbook and classroom sense of the word–thanks in no less part to our dedicated tutors than a meticulously crafted curriculum.


Our Secret

All our tutors are highly qualified, trained and experienced. Ultimately, our proven track record to date begins with the character, and ends with the career milestones of our tutors in their respective fields.


Our Values

We feel that learning is a life-long pursuit best instilled in a child through developing his or her innate curiosity. Toward that end, we seek to provide the most pragmatically holistic way to unleash the child’s creativity and, most of all, problem solving skills regardless of subject matter.