Hooray! School Holiday is finally here! Let’s go on an Ed-venture together!

Make the best of your school holiday. Get Skilled in STEM, Language, Drama and Academic.
KRTC Simei’s December Holiay Programmes promise many Action-packed and Fun-filled edventres, designed for students to gain new skills in 4 main areas!

(Our Programmes)

Language – Primary 1 Prep, Creative Writing, Phonics, Hanyu Pinyin

STEM – Robotics, Coding, Abacus, Math & Science workshops

Drama – English and Chinese [Be discovered and casted for productions!]

Ed-venture –Acquire life-skills like teamwork & resilience while learning about nature and animals through a visit to one of Singapore’s last remaining farms, Bollywood Veggies.


Our programmes help students to adapt to primary school life. They will

P1 Preparatory Classes!
  • find a love and interest for primary school subjects
  • develop critical skills for doing well in Math, Science, English and Chinese
  • foster effective learning habits that will last them a lifetime

How a child studies from Primary 1 sets his habits of studying and ultimately determines his grades at PSLE

If he starts off with bad study habits and the wrong attitude, he is not likely to do well for PSLE. Worse, his unhealthy study habits will also affect how he performs in secondary school.

It is crucial to develop the right study habits and learning mindset so that your child will be able to tackle the challenges at primary school and beyond. Don’t wait until bad habits are formed before rectifying them.

At KRTC, our teachers teach so that students can learn differently. We develop a healthy attitude towards the acquisition of knowledge and application of skills. We nurture curiosity and build resilience. We instill a love for learning.

Parents entrust their children to us and many have excelled, achieving good grades and developing great attitude towards learning.

Choose from our wide range of primary academic programmes and let us help your child achieve his best. Call us to book a free consultation to analyze your child’s results and learning habits. Let our teachers formulate a plan of action to help your child.


Robotics Is your child ready to be part of SMART NATION SINGAPORE? Learning coding and computational thinking skills are now essential. Secondary schools are already offering Robotics as a subject at O Levels and this is just the beginning of more changes to come. Your chid needs to be a native of coding and be skilled in computer programming to prepare for his future in an increasingly digital world. Use the holidays to get skilled in coding and robotics now! Get your child ready for Smart Nation Singapore.

Bilingual Drama Camp Bilingual Drama Camp Develop your child’s skills in voice , speech and acting while improving his appreciation of and competency in both English Chinese. Launch on an Edventure in Channel 8 Super Stardom!

Coding Get Skilled in Scratch and Microbit for a frim foundation in computer programming.

Marvel-lous Creative Writing Nature & Animal themed creative writing programme which focuses on books by Dick King Smith, the author behind the famous movie “Babe”. Field trip to Bollywood Veggies will expose student to animals and farm life – providing great content for writing!

KRTC Simei has more than 10 Exciting Programmes available this school holiday!

  • Intensive Read In A Week Phonics
  • English Express
  • Creative Writing Ed-venture Camp
  • Junior Coders
  • Little Scholars Chinese Pictogram
  • Hanyu Pinyin
  • Abacus Mental Arithmetic
  • Math Magic Workshop
  • English & Math Preparatory Workshop

Download the list of programmes & choose the ones for you using this link below

Past year programmes 2015, 2016 and 2017 has seen tremendous success, with 99% satisfaction! 

60% of parents choose us over all other programmes. Commonly cited reasons are great reviews and trust that KRTC has developed over the years. Children choose us because our programmes are fun and memorable!

Mdm Hock

My son (K2) attended KRTC Simei’s Edventure 2017 and came back very happy and excited for P1. I felt that this gave him a good start for primary school and contributed in his learning attitude for his primary 1 life.

Mdm Low

My daughter loved the drama class. At first she wasn’t sure if it was something that she would like but in the end she really liked it, so much so that she has chosen to join the drama cca. I find that she is very outspoken in school and at home now.

Mr Chew

I signed my boy up for the robotics class and found this to be a good fit for him. It’s a good way to do something fun and educational.

Don’t miss your chance to reserve your place in our December programmes. Registration closes early December or when slots are filled up!

DON’T GO YET! – Download this FREE ‘AllWrite! Composition Booklet’ for Primary School Students

For this month, we are giving away this short booklet. It is the compilation of original stories, written by students, that are simply delightful to read. The quality and ingenuity displayed through these stories are a testament to what our creative writing programmes can do for our students. Download now and read for yourself!