DSA Workshop

Make the best impression!

The Direct School Admission (DSA) Workshop is targeted primarily at Primary 6 students who are preparing for their DSA interviews. This workshop has been designed to prepare students mentally on the ins and outs of a DSA interview. The workshop aims to shed some light on commonly asked questions and how to answer them, handling difficult or unexpected questions and interview etiquette/body language.

Each student will be given a recording of their performance in class and together with the above highlights, this workshop will allow students to develop skills to communicate confidently, structure their thoughts coherently, lead the interview with their ideas and to handle and answer questions appropriately.


Highlights of the workshop

-Commonly asked questions and how to answer them competently and leaving lasting impression

-How to handle difficult or unexpected questions

-Interview etiquette and body language

-Mock interviews

-Digital recording of student’s performance in class


Expected outcome of the workshop

-Communicate with confidence during the interview(s)

-Structure his/her thoughts to speak coherently

-Lead the interview/discussion & frame his/her ideas

-Handle & answer questions strategically and skilfully


For more information, you may visit directschooladmission.blogspot.sg or call 96701894.