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Guide to KRTC Virtual Classroom

Step by Step Guide on using ClassDo


  1. You will receive an invite on your mobile phone to join.
  2. It will state, “On your device, visit https://ClassDo.com to enter (KRTC Tutor’s Name) virtual collaboration room.”
  3. Visit the url and click on “Free Signup/Login”.
  4. Choose sign up with mobile number.
  5. Key in your handphone number. You will receive a 6-digit code.
  6. Key in the code.
  7. Click on your virtual classroom. For students with more than 1 class, please choose the class that you are to attend for that day and time.
  8. Join the class.
  9. Wait for the teacher to start class.
  10. Happy Learning!



Video Guides


How to Login to ClassDo



How to navigate a ClassDo virtual classroom



System Requirements for Desktop



System Requirements for Mobile Devices



How to check your Internet Speed

On a new browser tab, go to https://www.speedtest.net and click GO.


Required Internet Speed

Ping: <15 ms. The smaller the number, the better.

Upload speed: >30 mbps. The bigger the number, the better.

Download speed: >30 mbps. The bigger the number, the better.



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