Dec Chinese

At Krtc Simei, learning Chinese is fun when paired with our lessons catered for your child. From preschool to O Level Higher Chinese, we have just the right Chinese programme for your child. Experience engaging activities in our Chinese Speech and Drama that would not only enhance your child’s ability to read and write, but also get them to appreciate the language and culture. Score distinctions in Oral, Paper 1 and Paper 2 with our comprehensive study materials: oral revision notes and composition writing handbook. Our programmes empower your child to embrace and master the Chinese Language with ease.

Little Scholar Chinese Speech and Drama

Does your child dislike Chinese? This is a unique programme to develop your child’s interest in Chinese language by mastering words, phrases and sentences with lots of fun activities. Strengthen your child’s Mandarin oral ability, boost his self-confidence and improve social skills too!

Chinese Composition P3-P5

Enrich your compositions by using carefully chosen catchy Chinese words and phrases, and learn to avoid common mistakes in sentence construction. Learn skills to write a well-planned storyline with solid structure. Students will acquire the techniques of grasping various styles of works through the practices of writing, reading and active participation in brainstorming sessions for new ideas and critical response. Explore and discover different approaches towards essay writing through creative exercises like reading newspaper articles and analysing pictures. Gain maximum competency to excel in Chinese compositions!