Dec Mathematics

Prepare to Divide and Conquer!


Mathematics is a breeze when students are exposed to the application of mathematics in their daily lives. Our out-of-the-box methods help students acquire the knowledge of key mathematical concepts, with a focus on conceptual understanding and solving word problem sums. To spike their interest in the subject, our tutors use hands-on activities, math manipulatives and even perform magic tricks to engage and improve students’ learning.


MathQuest Intensive 

This intensive head-start programme focuses on nurturing the correct learning behaviours, fostering an A* mentality, mastering crucial and challenging topics for that ultimate achievement!


Interactive Funtastic Math 

Methods such as Heuristic Techniques, Reversal Method, Advanced Number Patterns and H.O.T.S Problem Sums will be taught in this workshop to give your child an advantage as compared to their peers.