Dec Science

Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat. Score for SCIENCE!

Science is a breeze once you grasp its key concepts. Our Science programmes Young Scientists and Science Explorers provide mind maps, up-to-date question sets and hands-on experience in our very own learning lab! This adventure not only prepare our students to excel in Science examinations in schools and the PSLE, but also to love Science as a subject in our everyday world.

By engaging our students intellectually and stimulating them to contemplate deeply about scientific principles, this two-pronged approach nurtures their inquiring mind and a lifelong passion for the subject.



Young Scientists 5-8 yo 

Nurture your child’s innate love for exploring the world around them. Incorporating the STEM approach – we encourage exploration, provide opportunities for inventive problem-solving skills and give a head start to Science terminologies; developing a crucial and critical skill set in a child’s development.


Science Explorers 9-11 yo

This essential programme uses creative and innovative teaching methods that aim to provide a lively and fun environment for all students to grasp key topics with ease, nudging students to excel in the world of Science.