June 2019 Race your way to Success!

Race your way to Success with KRTC Simei @ Eastpoint Mall! Join our special robotics, coding, enrichment and PSLE programmes to get on the fast track to Victory!

Race to Read

Intensive Phonics Read-In-A-Week (4-8 years old)


Join our Intensive Phonics for your child to begin reading independently and be motivated to read after leaning the know-how. Read-In-A-Week Phonics programme teaches young children to read and spell in the shortest time possible. It makes reading 500 words in a week as easy as A-B-C. Increase your child’s motivation to read with the correct know how.


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Race to Mars!


Skribots Robotics (9-12 years old)


Discover the Red Planet and learn coding, programming and robotics in an exciting race setting. Let this advanced interactive STEAM course prepare your child for our Smart Nation!


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Race To Success!

LEGO Robotics ( 6-8 years old)


Build your own Formula One race cars and Batman Tumblers. Learn about speed, acceleration and friction. Programme your own machines and participate in our LEGO Robotics race with your very own cars!


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Special Field Trip – GoKart ( 8 years old and above)


Join us on our special field trip this June Holiday to race in our very own KRTC GoKart Grand Prix and race your way to success! Sign up for 3 or more holiday programmes to enter the race for free!


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Write Your Way To Success


Primary Creative Writing ( 9-12 years old)


Write your way to Success! A Creative Writing class where students will experience famous races and discover speed champions like Usain Bolt and Joseph Schooling. Learn vivid vocabulary for races, racing and competitions. Be a speed demon for a day and write an A* story about Triumph and Victory against all odds.


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Enrichment Programmes

Abacus Mental Arithmetic (5-8 years old)


Want your child to have the capability to calculate more than what the fingers show? For children aged 5 years and above! Learn speed calculation the fun way using abacus!

Before students enter P1, they are expected to be able to add and subtract with numbers up to 40. In P1, they will already be doing multiplication and division. Equip your child for P1. Sign up for abacus now!


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MPM Math Intensive (5-8 years old)


MPM Math is a top enrichment program in the region with the goal to develop independent thinking and autonomy. MPM Math caters to the Singapore syllabus with additional training on advanced geometry and advanced critical thinking.

MPM Math is now available at KRTC Simei to offer students a strong and proven Math programme form K1 onwards.


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Little Scholars Chinese Pictogram (5-8 years old)


Little Scholars Chinese Pictogram uses flashcards for fun and interactive learning. See your child become more motivated to learn Chinese after just a few sessions. Spark your child’s interest in Chinese with our own unique pictogram to master 800 words before P1!


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P1/P2 English and Math preparatory Class ( 7-8 years old)


Our integrated learning programmes are specially designed for students in Primary 1 and Primary 2 to relate what they learn theoretically in school to real world experiences. They prepare your child to enjoy the learning process while nurturing them to be independent and thoughtful.


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Preschoolers English Express ( 7 years old)


Preschoolers English Express is a multi-pronged literacy programme that focuses on preparation to enter Primary School equipped with fluency and confidence in English literacy.


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Math Magic P2/P3


Math Magic, learning math in a fun way through magic tricks ad games. Meet KRTC’s Math magician – magically making Math exceedingly easy for the masses Experience Magic Now @ KRTC Simei!


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PSLE Power-Thon


PSLE Powerthon. PSLE Powerthon. Power that final stretch. In a few months, the single most important exam in primary school is starting. Is your child well-prepared? For English, Math, Science, Chinese? Help them gear up with our PSLE POWER UP classes. We’ll get them ready for PSLE!


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