O Level English Oral


In ensuring that our students excel in all aspects of the English Language examination, we provide our ‘O’ level cohort with weekly drills on the oral examination, incorporating the following :

Reading Aloud
Our speech exercises hone our students’ articulation, diction, pace, pitch, audience awareness and emphasis, setting the platform for fluency in reading.

Spoken Interaction
Our detailed lessons on thematic references to the given picture, substantiated with methods to allow our students to discuss and expound on given topics that are tested during the ‘O’ level examination, building their confidence to speak and develop on conversations in an organized, coherent manner, while applying a wide and appropriate range of vocabulary and structures.

Recorded drills, inclusive of our tutor’s comments for improvement, allow for our students to re-listen to their drills, to further improve on their delivery.

Do not overlook the spoken component when preparing for your ‘O’ Level.

30 marks make a significant difference!


  • Graded mock oral exams upon request, with conferencing after the one-to-one test *
  • Extra lessons for those who need more assistance *
  • Extended lessons during the school holidays

* subject to time slot availability