O Level Power Up Programme


Have your child started his/her preparations for O Levels?
Are you thinking that it’s too early for him/her to start preparing?

It’s never too early to start!
Students usually have to juggle with revision of past years topics with new topics in their final year. It would be stressful for them to revise only when they have covered all the topics that will be tested in School. So, lose no time and help kick start the preparation process with us now!!

Our O Level Level-Up programmes would help students to refresh their memory in their Secondary 3 Topics, allow them to clarify their doubts and also prepare them for the final year with the new topics that are in their syllabus.

O Level Math Intensive Preparation


  • Matrices
  • Vectors


  • Differentiation & Its Techniques
  • Rate of Change
  • Integration
O level Science Intensive Preparation 

Combined Science

  • Revision of Sec 3 Syllabus
  • Speed of Reaction
  • Redox Reaction

Pure Chemistry

  • Revision of Sec 3 Syllabus
  • Electrolysis
  • Organic Chemistry

Pure Physics

O Level English Paper 1&2
O Level English Oral
O Level Chinese & Higher Chinese