P1 Preparatory


Our Unique Programme – Embracing English & Math from Young


KRTC’s unique education system aims to improve your child’s memory and interest in language whilst learning and engaging.

Lessons are injected with fun and creativity whilst adopting a two-pronged methodology of developing a strong foundation and offering vivid language for all students, effectively assimilating them from kindergarten to the new world of primary education. They will be able to excel and communicate effectively and confidently in addition to being well prepared for the next stage of learning in the 21st century competencies. Learners will delve in a student-centric environment where the focus will be differentiated teaching according to pupils’ abilities, needs and interests and honing their skills to reach the fullest potential. Our activities provide meaningful connections and numerous perspectives in which are taught in an integrated way, and ultimately learn the joys of the English language and Mathematics.


           Primary English and Math


KRTC Simei Primary 1 Excursions Learning Experience Math and English with Mr Chok Sitt Fan


Students get a head start before they set off into the great big world of primary school education. They will be equipped with the essential skill-sets and fundamentals of the P1 academic syllabus. This programme is designed to develop reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, along with understanding and application of Mathematics concepts, ultimately providing a solid foundation.


P1/P2 English Express Class     6-8 yo


English becomes fun and functional this holidays as we activate our surviva instincts to…

Explore a lost island rich in fascinating sounds and words. Listen for details (and make our very own) radio transmission. Decipher reading clues on a treasure hunt. Be inspired by the movie Cast Away, and use our pencils to invent a “friend”. Will we be able to survive and escape?…Join us to find out!


P1/P2 Little Scholar Chinese Pictogram     6-8 yo    


Learn with fun through KRTC Simei’s unique Little Scholars Chinese Pictogram & master up to 800 Chinese words.


P1/P2 Math Accelerator     6-8 yo     


Learning mathematical concepts and arithmetic skills should be fun. This programme helps your child cultivate a love for Math through using manipulatives, specially curated lesson materials, hands-on activities and classroom games. Your child will master essential concepts, using heuristic approach and develop critical thinking skills through word problems.


P2 English and Math Workshop         


A unique enrichment programme that prepares P2 students for excellence in English & Math. At this stage, students are taught fundamentals for both subjects through fun and engaging ways that include games and manipulative. Junior Math and Olympiad-styled study materials are also provided to expose the student to various facets of Mathematics. Flashcards, word puzzles and stories will not only build key lavage skills but also kindle a love for language in your child!