PSLE Conqueror Workshops

Intensity - Mastery of key strategies from P4 to P6

The PSLE Conqueror Workshops in the March holidays focus on intensive revision to keep students on track. The programmes are designed to set the pace and expectations and provide more preparation for students to cope with the upcoming PSLE. Crucial topics will be covered and quintessential tips on how to prepare for PSLE and effective exam strategies will be imparted. Critical thinking skills and techniques will be emphasized throughout the course. The camp will be very beneficial for current students to recapitulate and build upon the foundation, and new students to piece the information brick by brick and cement the fundamentals, working together with our committed tutors cohesively to progress and excel.


PSLE English

PSLE English Warrior (PEW) and Creative Composition Conqueror (CCC) workshops are designed in conformity with the latest PSLE exam format and cover all the components and sections that students will become familiar with the new test format. With our in-house curriculum and materials coupled with our dedicated Primary English tutors, our aim is to prepare students to be confident candidates who are not only able to perform at their optimum but also excel.

  1. PSLE English Warrior (PEW)
  2. Creative Composition Conqueror CCC



Walk through MathQuest’s effective step-by-step templates of problem-solving techniques!

Review of 100 critical Mathematics concepts and quick test of the understanding of the concepts with test review.

Thinking Math - A* for PSLE

Master Fractions, Decimals & Percentage. These 3 topics constitute 60% of the PSLE Math paper.


Key T.A.S.K Science
  1. Workshop 1 : Diversity & Cycle
  2. Workshop 2 : Energy & Cycle

Indispensable revision workshops for students who are aiming for distinction in Science. Throughout these workshops, students will be exposed to a large pool of different types of questions.


  1. Answering Techniques on open-ended questions
  2. Commonly-made mistakes avoided by A* students
  3. Concept mapping and notes for effective revision before PSLE

The workshops also cover a wide range of process skills-based questions to give them ample practice and boost their confidence level during examinations. This will certainly help students to identify and clarify areas of doubt before PSLE.


PSLE Chinese  小六会考强化冲刺班

Various proven techniques to compose beautifully written essays will be taught throughout this workshop. Students will be actively acquiring the skills to master in creative writing.  They will also learn how to apply good phrases and idioms or proverbs during the course to capture and engage the reader’s attention.

试卷一历年命题精心串讲 – Composition Focus

1. Picture Composition (A Dishonest Act)

  • Learn the techniques of writing picture composition.
  • How to write an intriguing introductory paragraph and exciting ending to ace in composition
  • Model composition given to guide students.
  • 精彩开头和结尾。
  • 范文赏析

2. Continuous Writing

  • Using various phrases to write an interesting composition.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls in writing out of context.
  • Guided sentence structure to enhance writing content
  • Pointers to guide students in writing this type of composition
  • 学习修辞手法 – 比喻; 比拟 ; 夸张等。
  • 掌握好词好句 – 成语; 谚语; 俗语; 歇后语
  • 范文赏析