PSLE Exam Focus Workshops

Urgency - Get ready to score A*!

The last lap of the workshops, the PSLE Exam Focus Workshops round up the year’s workshop programmes. A last round of intensive revisions and further solidifying the students’ understanding of key techniques and strategies will give them the edge as they walk through the examination doors.


Urgency – Get ready to score A*!

  1. Paper 2 Focus
    • Grammar & Synthesis: Score Grammar & Synthesis with 5-minute pre-exam revision tips!
    • Comprehension for A* students: Master 9 types of comprehension questions and their answering techniques!
    • 3R Comprehension Cloze Procedure: How not to miss out on contextual clues or make careless mistakes!
  2. Paper 1 Focus
    • Situational Writing: Score 15 marks in 15 minutes!
    • What is your problem? 5 different types of problems that can be created in your composition!
    • Key Review Tips on Composition: Blast to the past 10 years PSLE themes covered and spot the common topics.


  1. Session One : Circles
  2. Session Two : Speed
  3. Session Three : Number Patterns
  4. Session Four : Fractions
  5. Session Five : Ratios
  6. Session Six : Percentage
Thinking Math - A* for PSLE
  1. Modulus 1 – Fractions, Decimal and Volume
  2. Modulus 2 – Ratio, Percentage and PSLE Format
  3. Modulus 3 – Circle, Speed and Time Management
  4. Modulus 4 – Non Routine PSLE Questions and Exam Techniques


Key T.A.S.K Science
  1. Conquer PSLE Challenging Questions – Intensive revision on Light, Heat and Temperature
  2. Master PSLE Answering Techniques – Energy Conversion and Adaptations


PSLE Chinese  小六会考最后冲刺班
  1. 试卷二分析 Paper 2 Focus
    • 针对不同类型的问题,提供拿高分的答案
      Identify common question types and provide suggested answers to score in comprehension
    • 总结常见考试题目,学生常犯的错误
      Spot common questions & avoid common mistakes made by students
    • 总结阅读理解拟题方式,从题目的顺序、题目中的关键字/词/短句找答案
      Identify contextual clues to spot answers
  2. 试卷一分析Paper 1 Focus
    写作技巧:掌握 (master) 与突出 (highlight) 主题 (theme)
  • 总结往年考试题目 – 捉题
    Spot question style based on past years’ questions
  • 25个好词好句 走天下!
    Just master 25 catchy phrases that make your composition stands out from others