PSLE Power-Thon

Know the trend. Avoid the mistakes. Master the answering techniques. Ace your PSLE!

The PSLE Power Thon shifts students into high gear and introduces them to key techniques and strategies to ace the PSLE examinations. Another round of intensive revisions is carried out, keeping the students on their toes and further cementing their understanding of every subject.


PSLE English Mastery 

  • Refortify foundation of key PSLE concepts and achieve mastery of all strategies.
  • Revisit PSLE Grammar
  • Master Tenses, Concord &Parts of Speech.
  • Reinforce application of Must-Know PSLE Strategies for Synthesis & Transformation, Vocabulary expansion, Comprehension Cloze and Comprehension Open-Ended,


MathQuest Mastery
  1. Reviewing all major concepts of Primary 5 and Primary 6 syllabuses
  2. Revisiting the effective answering techniques to maximize score
  3. Clarification on common mistakes
  4. Attempting common challenging questions with ‘shortcut’
  5. Probable questions for PSLE 2018


Thinking Math Mastery
  1. Algebraic Methods
  2. Time Management and major mistakes made in PSLE
  3. Revision for challenging word problems for PSLE


Key T.A.S.K Science Mastery

In this content-packed Mastery Class, Mrs Wee will reveal the EXACT steps your child needs to TACKLE the 3 crucial components during PSLE Science papers.

  1. Key T.A.S.K. Open-ended Answering Techniques
    The questions have been set at a challenging standard to encourage students to analyse open-ended questions at a deeper level. Practice & familiarity play an important role to achieve distinction in Science.
  2. Key T.A.S.K. Science Challenging MCQ
    Students are exposed to high-level Multiple Choice Questions to stimulate higher order thinking skills as well as understand and acquire the techniques needed in answering MCQs effectively. In addition, examination tricks & tips are highlighted to students to complement with the various process skills taught.
  3. PSLE Science Intensive Revision – Interactions & Systems
    Techniques on how to answer open-ended questions will be covered with emphasis on keywords or phrases. Commonly-made mistakes by most students would be highlighted. Concept mapping and notes will be used extensively throughout the whole programme.


PSLE Chinese Composition Drill 作文特训


    • 专攻写作技巧:掌握 (master) 与突出 (highlight) 主题 (theme)
    • 总结往年考试题目 – 捉题 Spot question style based on past years’ questions
    • 25个好词好句 走天下!Just master 25 catchy phrases that make your composition stands out from others