PSLE Mastery Boot Camp

Consistency - Application of strategies

The PSLE Mastery Workshop shifts students into high gear and introduces them to key techniques and strategies to ace the PSLE examinations. Another round of intensive revisions is carried out, keeping the students on their toes and further cementing their understanding of every subject.


PSLE English Mastery 

  • 7 steps to writing an A* composition (Situational and Continuous Writing)
  • 5 ways to score for Comprehension MCQ, Cloze & open ended Questions
  • 3 steps to ace the Synthesis and Transformation section
  • A* stimulated Oral practice


PSLE English ORAL (June – Aug)

Strive to attain the maximum marks for the PSLE Oral Exam !

At KRTC Simei, we use a unique CSI-F4 approach to ensure your child score in PSLE Oral exam!

Stage 1: Secrets to make your voice Clear

Stage 2: Script to make your speech Smooth

Stage 3: Ideas to make your speech Interesting

Stage 4: Template to convey your Feeling

 Master the art of speaking well and get the tips to score full marks for the English Oral Examinations.

Oral Exam Focus:

  1. Picture Dissection Techniques – Competent and coherent description
  2. Organisation of Thoughts – Smart and easy strategy for visual stimuli
  3. Proper usage of directional phrases & sentence starter
  4. Mock Oral Exam Practice
  5. Tips to score full marks


MathQuest Mastery
  1. Reviewing all major concepts of Primary 4 and Primary 5 syllabuses
  2. Revisiting the effective answering techniques for MCQ, short response questions
  3. Relooking at common mistakes
  4. Attempting common challenging questions with ‘shortcut’
  5. Reviewing essential problem solving techniques for problem sums
  6. Understanding and applying the universal problem-solving techniques for a variety of questions
  7. Revisiting the effective answering techniques for problem sums


FREE 1 set of PSLE Math Flashcards upon signing up of MathQuest PSLE Programme! (T&C apply)

The PSLE Math Flashcards are designed to help Primary 6 students have a better grasp of the Mathematical concepts and familiarity with their associated problem solving techniques. You may download a free samples of the flashcards by clicking here.


Thinking Math Mastery
  1. Complex Number pattern
  2. Revision for HOTS PSLE Questions
  3. Common Mistakes made in PSLE Math, Time Management, Algebraic Methods


Key T.A.S.K Science Mastery

In this content-packed Mastery Class, Mrs Wee will reveal the EXACT steps your child needs to TACKLE the 3 crucial components during PSLE Science papers.

  1. Key T.A.S.K. Open-ended Answering Techniques – Physical Science
    An A* Framework for PSLE Open-Ended Questions
  2. Key T.A.S.K. Higher Order Processes & Skills for MCQ – Physical Science
    Score Multiple Choice Questions with Key T.A.S.K techniques
  3. PSLE Science Intensive Revision Part 2 – Interactions & Systems
    Master the killer topics which most students are struggling with 

Using the proven techniques from our Key T.A.S.K™ programme, Mrs Wee has helped more than 70% of her students clinch As and A*s during the PSLE Science examination. 

PSLE Chinese Composition Drill 作文特训


    • 专攻写作技巧:掌握 (master) 与突出 (highlight) 主题 (theme)
    • 总结往年考试题目 – 捉题 Spot question style based on past years’ questions
    • 25个好词好句 走天下!Just master 25 catchy phrases that make your composition stands out from others