PSLE Power-Up Workshop

Gearing up with essential skills

The PSLE Power-Up Workshop in December is catered for Primary 5 students, graduating to Primary 6. It prepares them for the change in syllabus and mentally prepares them for the added challenge of Primary 6.



  1. Intensity – Mastery of key strategies from P4 to P6
  2. Must-know Grammar
    • Concord, Tenses, Conjunctions & Preparations
  3. Full mark in Synthesis & Transformation Questions
  4. Composition Drill


Thinking Math

  1. P6 Advanced Modules
  2. Algebra
  3. Volume & Rate
  4. Speed
  5. Ratios



  1. Nail Down MCQ (M1 – Life Science)

Score Multiple Choice Questions with Key T.A.S.K techniques



PSLE Power Up Workshop (Chinese Composition)

试卷一分析Paper 1 Focus



课程内容重点: 看图作文 Picture Composition

写作技巧:掌握 (master) 与突出 (highlight) 主题 (theme)


热门考题,考前进补 总结往年考试题目 – 捉题

Spot question style based on past years’ questions


25个好词好句 走天下!

Just master 25 catchy phrases that make your composition stands out from others