Secondary 3 Advance Bridging Courses

Give your child a head start to pave the way to success for O Level exams!


Pure Chemistry/Physics/Combined Science

Major concepts of Secondary 2 topics will be reviewed, New concepts of Secondary 3 topics will be introduced and students will be able to learn and make use of effective techniques in their examination.


Elementary / Additional Mathematics

Trigonometry and Calculus makes up 60% of the Additional Mathematics syllabus in Secondary 4. Many Secondary 2 students do not score well or do badly in Mathematics due to this challenging Algebra as the concepts are abstract and much guided practice is needed.

Our experience has shown that students who master a good grasp of Algebraic content in Secondary 2 before school reopens often gain higher confidence in their learning of Mathematics and are almost certain of achieving a distinction in Mathematics. Therefore, we strongly encourage all our current Secondary 2 students, going into Secondary 3 in 2017, to attend these important lessons for Mathematics.
Additional Mathematics:

  • Surds
  • Polynomids
  • Logarithms

Elementary Mathematics:

  • Indices
  • Solution to Quadratic Equations
  • Linear Inequalities

As new topics will be added onto the syllables for Mathematics as your child moves on to Secondary 3, a good introduction to the topics are essential for him/her to score well. Apart from the new topics, major concepts from Secondary 2 will also be reviewed, allowing your child to be able to clarify his/her doubts and make use of effective techniques in examination.

English Paper 1 & 2

English Oral


Higher Chinese