STEM - 2019 Dec Holiday Camp

STEM Holiday Camp

Be a 21st Century Digital Native!

Our one-of-a-kind STEM camps are perfect for students looking to explore their passions and interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. Each holiday program is designed with our young learners in mind, ensuring they are engaged meaningfully throughout their time with us and take home life-long skills in learning. We also provide a unique STEM Playgroup for younger children (from 5 years old) so that they get immersed in fun STEM activities while enhancing their linguistic capabilities too! For older kids, our new Coding with Drone program provides the perfect opportunity to make quick decisions and react under stress, key attributes for a resilient character!

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Lego Robotics 

Our very popular Lego Robotics is back!! This time, in tune with our Survivor Island theme, students get to build and programme a prehistoric centipede, a draconian dinosaur and a monorail – the exact same creations seen on the blockbuster, Jurassic World!

This holiday, get your child to be ready for Smart Nation Singapore by learning coding and acquiring computational thinking skills. Get them prepared for an increasingly digital world. At the same time, get them skilled in survival tactics of a prehistoric world too! Get the best of the past and the future in our Lego Robotics!

Abacus K1-P2 

Looking to achieve sharp mental skills and quick in calculation? Our Abacus programme is the solution to achieve these skills.

Coding With Drone P3-P6

Drones provide excellent opportunities for STEM learning as Learn to code and programme drones to fly specific patters while becoming familiar with the internal electronics that makes drones work. Reacting to changes in flight patterns or environment allows your child to improve cognitive reasoning skills. They will gain a better understanding of cause and effect – and be better equipped to make quick decisions under stress.

Our coding with drones, students will use Scratch with their Tello and programme 4 categories of blocks including sounds. They will execute a basic planned flight and take part in The Tech Challenge where they have to demonstrate making loops in addition to taking off and landing. An analysis of the challenges faced and a reflection of how they could have improved the flight will allow them to better their abilities for future, and more complicated flights. Students can continue their fun and learning after the course by purchasing the drones they have programmed at special prices.

Field Trips 5-14yo