2019 Dec Holiday Fun Camp

Creative Writing with Website Building Camp | Field Trips

KRTC Simei’s holiday camp - Survivor: Island Edition will transport students to a deserted island where they will learn the basic skills of survival as well as develop skills in technology.
Creative Writing with 
Website Building P3-P6

Students will be the Robinson Crusoes of their own islands and write about the adventures they encounter as deserted island dwellers. In the style of Lord of the Flies, they will chronicle life in the wild, from setting up shelters to feeding themselves to making signals to get rescued. It’s not just physical survival adventures but also emotional ones as they have to try to work together and govern themselves. Will peace prevail or anarchy conquer?

To help them visualise these, students will take archery lessons, experience Sentosa’s 4D Adventureland, make slime to trap animals for food and be inspired by how one man survived alone in Cast Away. They will be engaged in creative writing not only about their own experiences but also stories with themes of Teamwork, Overcoming Adversity and Resilience – all topics that are covered for PSLE composition. On top of that, each student will build their own unique websites and creatively blog about their adventures. Between writing interesting stories and building an amazing website, there are plenty of opportunities to exercise creativity. What’s more, their website will have their name on the URL, be theirs for life and get lifetime support!

Field Trips 5-14 yo