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Precautionary Measures against Covid-19

KRTC Simei – Precautionary Measures against the Covid-19 Infection

The well-being of our students, parents, customers, tutors and staff are of utmost importance to us and we are monitoring the escalation of the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in mainland China.

Singapore Authorities have now imposed a 14-day Leave Of Absence (LOA) for students & teachers returning from China.
Likewise, with effect from today, Tuesday – 28 Jan 2020, students who have travelled to China during the last 14 days are requested NOT to attend classes at KRTC Simei till & including 11 Feb 2020. This is so that students can stay at home & minimise close contact with others.

Meanwhile, KRTC Simei will ask for travel declarations from students and their parents. This will be signed at the door. We will also implement a temperature check on all students, tutors and staff of KRTC Simei. Anyone found to have a temperature exceeding 37.5 deg celcius will be asked to leave the tuition centre and return home. Those who remain in the centre will be given a sticker which they must have them on at all times. Should the sticker not be on them, their temperature will be taken again.

Students are strongly encouraged to come at least 5-10mins before the lesson starts and wait outside KRTC Simei’s main entrance.

For those unable to attend lessons due the the reason above, KRTC Simei will be directly in touch regarding measures to help your child academically while at home.

Please bring along your own mask as supplies are limited. Masks at the centre are meant for emergencies. We seek your understanding in this matter.

For safety reasons, we also advise parents and guardians to fetch their child on time and wait outside KRTC Simei’s main entrance.

Let us all play our part in keeping good personal hygiene and taking social responsibility. There may be some inconveniences as preventive steps are taken, but together we can keep our children safe while minimising disruption to learning. Let’s contain the spread of this virus and look after each other!

Do subscribe to the Government WhatsApp service by clicking on the link below to receive the latest updates on the Cover-19 situation.


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