Abacus Mental Arithmetic for Young Children

Abacus Mental Arithmetic

Abacus Mental Arithmetic by KRTC Simei - The Way to Better Learning



Abacus Mental Arithmetic (AMA) is a method to achieve fast and accurate arithmetic computation through the “visualisation of abacus” in our brains. More than 10 years of development and experience have proven that AMA can improve children’s psychological quality significantly. It can also help to:

  • Build confidence and self-discipline
  • Increase focus and decrease careless mistakes
  • Enhance child’s memory drastically
  • Develop right-brain for balanced growth
  • Inculcate good learning habits
  • Improve grades for all subjects

Students who graduate from this programme will receive the Abacus Mental Arithmetic Skill Certificate which is recognised by more than 10 countries.

You may also visit the website http://www.shinestar.com.sg/for more information.