Chinese Pictogram for 5 - 6 Year-Olds

Little Scholars Chinese Pictogram 小小状元 幼儿速读


Chinese Tuition Enrichment

Looking for a programme that allows your child to master 800 Chinese characters quickly?

Little Scholar’s Chinese Pictogram is a Contextual Learning curriculum that helps your child master the language in a fun and relaxed way. With the use of E-flashcards on computers or smart devices, children can have easy access to learning Chinese at home or outside.  A great help for parents to coach their children on the go!

Little Scholar’s Chinese Pictogram is not the typical tuition programme. It converts the essence of Chinese characters into easy-to- recognise pictograms for whole brain development.  The right brain processes pictures readily.  A child who is exposed to pictogram will easily relate the picture to the Chinese character.  This provides an effective means for the child to master the character in its pronunciation, written form and meaning.

Little Scholar’s Chinese Pictogram works hand-in-hand with a reading programme.  With the learning of 20 to 30 Chinese characters, there is an accompanying story or rhyme that gives context to the characters.

A child who has gone through the programme for two to three months would have mastery of at least 100 Chinese characters.  Your child will have no problem reading on his own.  This is mastery!


小小状元 《语境教学、图像认字》,一套可以让孩子们快乐轻松学习汉字的教材。现在备有e-闪卡, 孩子们在家里就能轻松看着电脑/电话学习华文,是父母的好帮手。



Our Unique Teaching Methodologies

  1. Watch – immerse in lively Pictograms
    Learn new words through Pictograms. Fun-filled learning that enhances Chinese character recognition.
    看一看 生动的图画
  2. Listen – indulge in exciting stories
    Learn moral values through short stories and rediscover the fun of reading!
    听一听  精彩的故事
  3. Speak – understand the meaning of each Chinese character
    Wholesome brain development that enables child to appreciate Chinese characters phonetic, form and meaning.
    说一说  汉字的理解
  4. Read – interesting children rhymes/stories
    Learn while the child roleplay.  Tons of enjoyment that helps discover the acting talents in your child!
    读一读  趣味的儿歌/故事
  5. Write – with confidence the Chinese Characters
    Effective Chinese character learning methodology that enables written Chinese quickly in your child!
    写一写  动手书写汉字
  6. Think –  Master the technique of Integrated Thinking
    Integrated Thinking that features Observation, Concentration, Retention and Creative Imagination
    想一想  综合思维的训练
  7. Play – engaging games
    Interactive flashcard games that makes fun out of learning!
    玩一玩  趣味的游戏
  8. Dynamic Transition – in picture and text
    Through the use of dynamic transition in picture and text helps your child develop Integrated Thinking skill and achieve wholesome brain development.
    变一变  图文的转换