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All Write! Helping your child to Succeed in Composition, Oral, & Reading Comprehension in PSLE English!

All Write! is a customized English curriculum and tuition service for the primary level. It is specifically written using a practical and formulaic approach to the language and have proven to be effective for hundreds of students whom this tutor has guided over the past 18 years.


Contrary to popular belief, English is not a right-brain subject even though a core component at the primary level is Creative Writing. English is very much a left-brain subject, similar to Maths and Science. There are rules and logic to apply, particularly for syntax and semantics. These rules are made simpler to understand and apply, especially for the younger ones to grasp easily and use correctly.

All Write! utilizes a very formulaic approach to the study of the English Language, starting with a strong focus on grammar. This focus is carried throughout the components of composition writing, oral as well as listening and reading comprehension, laying a foundation for other skills and knowledge to be built. Each lesson will start with unpacking the learning objectives and content after which actionable steps and strategies are practiced to tackle each component. A solid bank of strategies to draw upon makes it easier for a child to ultimately score better for the PSLE.

With the curriculum written by an ex MOE teacher and GCE O level principal examiner who is currently the only Cambridge International Examinations programme leader in Singapore, parents are assured of quality teaching and learning resources for their child.

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