阅读理解综合班 Chinese Comprehension & Composition Class

学好华文,走向全球。 相信自己,永不言弃!

Through active listening, confident speaking, reading and writing, students are exposed to the beauty of the Chinese language. Done through an interactive teaching method that meets all the necessary requirements of MOE’s syllabus, students will also work on their oral skills and composition writing skills through various study materials.


理解与写作课程 特色 Programme Highlights

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  • 提倡多听、多说、多读、多写
    Promotes Active Listening, Confident Speaking, Wide Reading & Writing
  • 多媒体华文教学 – 游戏竞争、趣味短片、疯狂猜成语、闪卡复习
    Interactive Whiteboard Teaching – games, short videos, idioms made easy, flash cards revision
  • 教材丰富,根据教育部教学大纲
    Follows in accordance with MOE Syllabus
  • 高难度的词汇备有英文注解
    English translation for challenging Chinese phrases and vocabularies
  • 附有口试配套 – 开头、S.A.F.E、总结资料库
    ORAL Revision Notes – consolidation of introduction, S.A.F.E. approach, and summary for various themes
  • 附有写作技巧手册 – 范文、好词好句资料库
    Composition Writing Handbook – consolidation of model essays, wide usage of frequently-used vocabulary and phrases