English Tuition for Primary School PSLE Preparatory Classes

Regular English Tuition (P1-P6)

Information Literacy - Writer Today. Leader Tomorrow.

Our Unique Programme / Tuition

Lessons are injected with fun and creativity whilst adopting a two-pronged methodology of developing a strong foundation and offering vivid language for all students. They will be able to excel and communicate effectively and confidently in addition to being well prepared for the next stage of learning in the 21st century competencies. Learners will delve in a student-centric environment where the focus will be differentiated teaching according to pupils’ abilities, needs and interests and honing their skills to reach the fullest potential. Our activities provide meaningful connections and numerous perspectives in which are taught in an integrated way, and ultimately learn the joys of the English language.

Grammar | Vocabulary | Comprehension | Composition | Cloze Passage | Synthesis & Transformation | Editing | Visual Text | Oral | Mock Exam

We follow closely with up-to-date MOE syllabus based on relevant topics through the use of rich texts and a variety of language resources with a lot of interactivity. Lessons develop reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, improving overall language appreciation and mastery. Students get to read interesting and contemporary reading materials to increase their general knowledge and listen to exciting stories and videos to practise on aural discrimination, listening comprehension and following directions. They will be imbued with the necessary tools and strategies to compose captivating and inspiring stories, all the while being involved in stimulating discussions that allow room to build on confidence, oratorical and higher-order thinking skills.

Our Materials

Students are provided innovative and enjoyable strategies to generate focus in learning with integration of language skills; transforming learning by effectively engaging with them. Materials created by our tutors are specially designed to suit the needs of our students.

We innovate quality and fun experience in KRTC Simei by seamlessly integrating the use of rich multimedia into the classroom to make learning more fetching and indispensable.