Mathquest Programme

Heuristic Approach - Think Deep. Think Different. Think Systematic.

The MathQuest Learning System is one that enforces the importance of systematic, progressive and accumulative learning as a proven way for any student to excel in Mathematics. Through periodic pre-tests, post-tests and mock examinations, students are constantly exposed to examination settings to build their confidence and courage during examinations.

In addition to that, this programme works closely with parents by constantly providing feedback on the student’s performance, classroom behaviour and academic progress. Run by Mr Chok Sitt Fan himself, sufficient support and help is administered through various avenues that include Facebook, website and personal consultations.


FREE 1 set of PSLE Math Flashcards upon signing up of MathQuest PSLE Programme! (T&C apply)

The PSLE Math Flashcards are designed to help Primary 6 students have a better grasp of the Mathematical concepts and familiarity with their associated problem solving techniques. You may download a free sample of the flashcards by clicking here.