PSLE Composition (P5 & P6)

Information Literacy - Writer Today. Leader Tomorrow.

Students will be taught various composition & creative writing skills to support their written work. In the advanced level, techniques are demonstrated to enforce writing skills in order to realise their full potential for PSLE success. Text types like situational writing, picture compositions, notes, e-mails, letters and personal recount will be covered.


  • To develop core skills such as non-printed text literacy and critical thinking

  • To develop the appropriate writing techniques for PSLE

  • To engage them in a communicative and holistic environment to enhance their writing skills

  • To become independent and proactive learners

  • To use suitable layout, organisation, format and tone according to purpose, audience, context and culture

  • To expand their vocabulary bank

Our Materials

Students are provided innovative and enjoyable strategies to generate focus in learning with integration of language skills; transforming learning by effectively engaging with them. Materials created by Ms Joycelyn are specially designed to suit the needs of our students.

We innovate quality and fun experience in KRTC Simei by seamlessly integrating the use of rich multimedia into the classroom to make learning more fetching and indispensable.