PSLE Holiday Intensive Programmes

Know the trend. Avoid the mistakes. Master the answering techniques. ACE YOUR PSLE!

Our PSLE Holiday Intensive Programme is designed to help students from as early as Primary 5 to prepare for what is, one of the most gruelling periods of school life. With proper preparation, dedication and perseverance, one can expect to excel in the PSLE examinations and it starts here, at KRTC Simei’s PSLE series of workshops.

The PSLE Holiday Intensive Programme is a year-long programme that focuses on linear progression. With that said, it is imperative that students try not to miss out on a single workshop as each lesson is conducted only once. Students are highly recommended to attend the year-long workshop to stand a higher chance of properly grasping key techniques and strategies for the PSLE examinations.

The PSLE Holiday Intensive Programme caters to all subjects for a holistic approach to student development.



The PSLE Power-Up Workshops in December are catered for Primary 5 students, graduating to Primary 6. It prepares them for the change in syllabus and mentally prepares them for the added challenge of Primary 6.



The PSLE Conqueror Workshops in the March holidays focus on intensive revision to keep students on track.



The PSLE Mastery Workshops shift students into high gear and introduces them to key techniques and strategies to ace the PSLE examinations. Another round of intensive revisions are carried out, keeping the students on their toes and further cementing their understanding of every subject.



The last leg of the series of workshops, the PSLE Exam Focus Workshops round up the year’s workshop programmes. A last round of intensive revisions and further solidifying the students’ understanding of key techniques and strategies will give them the edge as they walk through the examination doors.