Thinking Math Programme

Critical Thinking – The box is open; think outside of it.

Thinking Math

Run by Thinking Math tutor, Mr Lenny Loke, the Thinking Math tuition programme is one that arms your child with the fundamentals of Mathematics and guides them all through to secondary school.

P1/P2 (Foundation Master): At this stage, students are taught fundamentals through fun and engaging ways that include games and manipulative. Junior Math and Olympiad-styled study materials are also provided to expose the student to various facets of Mathematics.

P3/P4 (Bridging to Heuristic Approach): Here, students are introduced to teaching methods that enable them to pick up and learn different problem solving techniques for themselves.

P5/P6 (Heuristic Approach Mastery): At this point, students are encouraged to think outside the box and employ critical thinking to solve problem sums. This prepares them to take on the PSLE examination and gives them a strong base to adjust to secondary school Mathematics.



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