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PSLE March Conqueror Workshops 2018

The PSLE Conqueror Workshops in the March holidays focus on intensive revision to keep students on track. The programmes are designed to set the pace and expectations and provide more preparation for students to cope with the upcoming PSLE. Crucial topics will be covered and quintessential tips on how to prepare for PSLE and effective exam strategies will be imparted. Critical thinking skills and techniques will be emphasized throughout the course. The workshops will be very beneficial for current students to recapitulate and build upon the foundation, and new students to piece the information brick by brick and cement the fundamentals, working together with our committed tutors cohesively to progress and excel.

There is an early bird discount if you sign up before 4th of March. Call 6789 0440 or visit us at level 6 Eastpoint Mall for more information.

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