Chinese Composition

学好华文,走向全球。 相信自己,永不言弃!

Enrich your compositions by using carefully chosen Chinese words and phrases, and learn to avoid common mistakes in sentence construction. Students will acquire the techniques of grasping various styles of works through the practices of writing, reading and active participation in brainstorming sessions for new ideas and critical response. Explore and discover different approaches towards essay writing through creative exercises like reading newspaper articles and analysing pictures.


课程 特色 Programme Highlights

  • 目标明确,课程衔接严谨细致。
    Clear goal, easy strategies
  • 精选范文,教学效果显而易见。
    Model Composition – learn best writing practices & avoid the mistakes
  • 当堂写作,教学指导落入实处。
    On the spot writing practice – on the spot correction, on the spot coaching, on the spot learning
  • 作文积分,获得更多发表机会。
    The more you write, the more fluent and easier it gets. Writing is no longer a chore but a joy!

附有写作技巧手册 – 范文、好词好句资料库
Composition Writing Handbook – consolidation of model essays, wide usage of frequently-used vocabulary and phrases