Secondary Chinese (Express) Class 快捷华文课程

学好华文,走向全球。 相信自己,永不言弃!

Through active listening, confident speaking, reading and writing, students are exposed to the beauty of the Chinese language. Done through an interactive teaching method that meets all the necessary requirements of MOE’s syllabus, students will also work on their oral skills and composition writing skills through various study materials.


Programme Highlights

  • Materials are set in accordance with the Ministry of Education (MOE) school syllabus
  • Enhance and build on vocabulary bank
  • Identify common mistakes in sentence construction
  • Master summary writing skills with 4-step strategies
  • Comprehension and analysis of essays
  • Discuss and present views on current affair topics
  • Oral and listening comprehension examination practice
  • Pick up examination skills through regular tests
  • Acquire salient techniques to prepare for the GCE O-level paper