‘O’ Level English Oral

Our Passion Awakens from Somnolent Slumber & on Hope’s pinions WE FLY!

When working towards academic excellence and demonstrating linguistic prowess, the English Language papers are of unmatched importance. In attaining an ideal L1R5 as a requisite for tertiary education, students have to perform well for both their written papers and the oral component. Carrying 30 marks, it is pivotal that students are able to score well in this component in order to attain a distinction overall.

Working concurrently on both the written and spoken components on a weekly basis, Mrs Shahrie  prepares her students for the examinations such that they convey ideas coherently, buttress their points with evidences and impress the examiners during the oral examination.

The oral course, with weekly drills and audio recordings, allows for the palliation of the students’ anxiety and serves as a platform for them to gain mastery in the spoken discourse. Students are able to convey ideas based on themes and converse with a wide and suitable range of vocabulary and structures during the oral examinations.

Watch the video that Mrs Shahrie had recorded in class and you will see that the oral examination does not solely require students to speak in English, but to demonstrate linguistic mastery in order to attain distinctions. We should leave no stone unturned when striving for the best.

The video is an excerpt of the weekly drill – by Cheyenne Koh Qi En

Student : Cheyenne Koh Qi En
School : Katong Convent / Sec 4 Express 2016
English Oral Prelim grade : 25/30 = 83% A1 Band 1
Recording in class on 29 July 2016


  • Graded mock oral exams upon request, with conferencing after the one-to-one test *
  • Extra lessons for those who need more assistance *
  • Extended lessons during the school holidays

* subject to time slot availability