Excelling in Secondary English - Can You Do It?


Our Passion Awakens from Somnolent Slumber & on Hope’s pinions WE FLY!

In espousing an active role taken by our students in their learning journeys, our materials, set by Mrs Shahrie, serve to integrate vital linguistic skills while incorporating critical thinking and inferential exercises. Boasting an intriguing aggregation of activities that advocate the development and betterment of the language, our lessons explore variegated methods that allow for our students to gain competence and excel in the written papers as well as that of the spoken components.

Our finely honed activities, chosen methodically and meticulously, will certainly pave the way for English Language mastery.


ENGLISH (Papers 1 & 2) 

Incorporating elements of vocabulary expansion, formal essay writing conventions and inferential skills for comprehension, the programme sets the platform for expediting the acquisition of a better command of the language, inspiring a love for English.

Our materials include comprehensive and thought-provoking sample essays written by Mrs Shahrie, and to further immerse our students in the practice of English, top student essays are handed out, enkindling a sense of achievement and setting a positive climate for the sharing of ideas.

Our Paper 2 worksheets cover the all-encompassing range, from comprehension and summary to editing and visual text practices.


  • Extra lessons for those who need more assistance *
  • Extended lessons during the school holidays

* subject to time slot availability